General Quotation Template

Every company, large or small must provide quotations to customers from time to time. Customers are looking for something formal that lays out the work that will be completed, when it will start and finish and how much it will cost. If there are special conditions or requirements these should also be stated on the template. A general quotation template such as the one we provide will save you the time of creating one, while providing a professional looking document for your records and your customer.

The quotation templates have been designed in both Microsoft® Word as well as in Excel. Depending on your needs you can select either one to use in your daily business sales operations. They are both downloadable and can be personalized as needed to meet your company’s needs. Copies can be sent to your customers as well as the rest of your team.

Once the general quotation template has been downloaded, personalize the template by adding your own logo, your companies address and contact information. Every template should have a serial number which can be used to track your customer’s business activities. You can add your own serial numbers to this template.

Depending on the customer, the job and the business your in, you may need to add terms and conditions to your general quotation template. These can be added along with notes that will help to communicate with your customer and spell out your contract relationship with your customers.

With the flexibility offered by this template, your company will present a professional and business like image to the industry you participate in. Download one of our template today and save yourself a great deal of time. Focus on the things that count in your business.

General Quotation Template for Word,

General Quotation Template

General Quotation Template for Excel

General Quotation Template