Photography Quotation Sample

Weddings, business functions and many other activities are often photographed by professional photographers. Clients want to have high quality photos to record their event and to distribute to friends, relatives and business associates. Making sure that you get all of the details straight and understood by both parties helps manage expectations and ensures happy customers. Using a standard photography quotation sample template can assist professional and amateur photographers meet their customers needs and business goals.

Download one of our photography quotation templates in either Microsoft® Excel or in Word and edit it to meet your personal needs. The photography service quotation template can be edited and saved to your specifications and used as a standard for all of your clients.

Terms and conditions are important in any general quotation template. How many pictures, how many copies, how will they be bound, when will they be delivered etc.? These requirements can be included in the photography quotation templates that you download as standards or specific terms to each quotation. Getting these terms and conditions right is one way to help manage customer expectations and ultimately their satisfaction level with the job you will do for them.

All photography quotation templates can be edited. Logos can be added to help create brand recognition for your company and your artistic reputation as a photographer. Chose your logo carefully and add it to the template so that all quotations include your company’s logo. Add your address, email and web site information as well to the template.

The photography quotation templates can be printed locally, given to a customer in person or printed in PDF format and sent to the customer. Use one of our templates to ensure that all of your photography quotations are high quality and meet your goals and objectives to achieve increased business success.

Photography Quotation Sample for Word,

Photography Quotation Sample