Price Quotation Template

In today’s competitive business world, there are many reasons to have a flexible Price Quotation template to use when giving your customers a price quote. Making use of laptops allows both of you to have a permanent record of the quote, eliminating any arguments later on about content of the quotation.

This quotation format is designed to give your company maximum flexibility. First, you can use it with Word or Excel, giving your employees a choice between using a word processor or an accountant’s tool. Our templates allow you to add your company’s logos, addresses and telephone numbers. And, of course, there is a block to add your customer’s information, too. There is a block for any special notes needed about the project and a place to sign the agreement.

The template provides blocks for listing the items purchased, the amount, total fees, initial payment if any, and the terms of the transaction. There is a block to include the payment information for your customer, such as their credit card number and/or the cash paid by the customer to secure the terms of the estimate. Using the save feature will add this estimate to your company’s record. Using email or a printout, your company can then easily provide a copy to your customer from price quotation template.

You can also include the customer’s account number, their company’s contact person, the quotation or invoice number and the date within template. This makes service quotation template one of the most complete on the market. Yet, your employees will find it easy to use and simple to learn. Keep a professional quotation template in mind for all your business needs.

Price Quotation Template for Word,

Price Quotation Template