Service Quotation Template

Professionalism sells. Nothing keeps a client glued to a company like good services and professionalism. How you present yourself as a company matters a lot. For instance, if you had a client asking for the price of your services, would you quickly sketch something on a paper or would you print out a neat price quotation template complete with your company name and logo and write the quotation? A smart service provider would choose the latter.

A service quotation template gives you more than just professionalism. It gives your company the classy image you desire. The templates we offer are editable. This means that you can easily incorporate the company’s image as a water mark, add the company logo, mission statement of a nice quote. This way when you present your quotation to a customer, apart from the prices you tag to the services you offer, they will see a company that is serious enough to care about its image. Translation? The company would not overcharge its clientele or offer mediocre services because it has an image to protect.

These templates are easy to use. They are in word and excel documents. You do not need to be a computer guru to be able to use or edit them. In addition to this, the fact that it is printable means that you can come up with many ways of presenting your quotations to the client. You can decide to have the template in the computer and write the general quotation on the computer then give the client a printed quotation. Or, you could take your template to the printers and have it made into a booklet. This way, you just hand write the quotation then give it to the client.

The other reason to use our quotation template is that it saves you the thousands you could have spent at the printers to have them design and print you a quotation booklet.

Service Quotation template for Excel,

Service Quotation Template