Catering Quotation Templates

While attempting to access catering services, you will no doubt have to pay for the same. That requires that the provider of the service furnishes you with some quotation to that end. A quotation basically lists the foods and drinks to be served and their corresponding costs.


It is not final but merely provides a rough estimate of the amount of money you are likely to spend to access the said services. This quotation comes in various shades and forms. (You may also like catering business plan templates)


Buffet Lunch Catering Service Quotation

Wanting to host a buffet? If you do, then the buffet lunch catering service quotation is a document that you will no doubt come across every quite often. It spells out the food and drinks to be served in a buffet. This document will display:

  • All the foods and drinks to be served in the buffet
  • The corresponding amounts of money each food costs
  • When and where the foods shall be served
  • Any other applicable charges
  • Special discounts or other charging information

Catering and Venue Quotation

In some instances, you might have to hire a venue and rent out some catering services as one package. This requires that you apply and enroll for a catering and venue service. A catering and venue quotation to that effect has to be drafted. The document will spell out:

  • The exact venue to be hired
  • How much food and drink the party is to demand
  • The value, in monetary terms, of each food and drink
  • The sum total of all the foods drinks, and the venue
  • How the payment is to be remitted after the service is provided

Catering Service Quotation

The catering service quotation is a document that breaks down the catering services that are yet to be conferred to a client and the associated prices of the same. This is mainly forwarded to a potential client before the confirmation of the contract. It spells out:

  • The services on offer and price list
  • When and where the services are offered
  • How the services are offered
  • Any special discounts and other financial considerations
  • Other terms of references that govern the provision of the said services

Catering Service Quotation for an Anniversary Event

Planning for an anniversary event? You cannot rely on your ordinary quotation to have your way forward. Instead, you have to order and make do with the catering service quotation for an anniversary event. It is the one that is specially intended for such kinds of applications. The document contains:

  • The specific name and nature of the anniversary concerned
  • The quantity of the meals to be served on that day
  • How much each meal and drink is to cost
  • The grand total amount of money that the anniversary is to cost
  • Any other term of reference that is likely to govern the anniversary

Catering Service Quotation for Special Meeting

Special meetings are special and should hence be treated uniquely. For them, the catering services have to be tailored to conform to the specific nature and character of the meeting. The catering service quotation for special meeting document, being equally special contains unique pieces of information which include:

  • The special meeting at hand
  • The unique recipes and their associated quantities to be served on that day
  • The price of each recipe and the sum total amount of money
  • How the money is to be remitted upon the conclusion of the contract
  • Any special terms of references to be adhered to while leveraging the services

Convention Catering Quotation

Conventions are much like conferences. They are however more involving and hence require similarly copious amounts of foods. To cater to them, you will similarly need the convention catering quotation. This is a special kind of quotation that caters to a larger than the average number of attendees. It contains and showcases the following pieces of information:

  • The name and specific character of the convention
  • The venue where the convention shall take place
  • The anticipated number of guests to the convention
  • The amounts of meals and drinks to be served
  • The total cost of the catering services

Lunch Catering Quotation

One-Day Catering Service Quotation

Wishing to accrue some catering services for a period of one day? You have to make special arrangements with the company of choice. As part of making this special arrangement, you will have to demand a one-day catering quotation. This document basically reveals the following pieces of information:

  • The exact date and day when the service is to be provided for
  • The venue when the service is to be offered
  • All the foods, drinks, and desserts that shall be made available on that day
  • How the payments for those services shall be remitted
  • The provisional amounts of money for the entire service

On-Site Catering Service Quotation

Those who work in construction sites badly need catering services. That is because they need the energy to keep them strong and better prepared for the subsequent role of building and construction. Leveraging those services requires the on-site careering service quotation to showcase the prices. This document contains these vital pieces of information:

  • The construction firm that seeks to leverage those services
  • The exact venue of the construction
  • The total amount of money that the order is to cost
  • How often the service is to be provided
  • The quantities of food and drinks that the site requires

Press Conference Catering Service Quotation

Intending to hold a press conference? This is where you need press conference catering services. The services are specifically targeted at the press conferences. A quotation to their effects is issued out prior to the access of the services. The quotation contains:

  • A listing of the various foods and drinks to be served
  • The venue and nature of the press conference event
  • The costs of each food and drink to be served in the press conference
  • How the services shall be availed
  • Any other vital piece of information

Public Catering Service Quotation

Request for Catering Quotation

This, as the name implies, is a mere request to the potential buyer of the foods and drinks to supply a quotation to that effect. It is used as a preliminary document to try and gauge the impending costs of the foods before committing to order the same. It showcases:

  • The kinds of foods and drinks to be sourced
  • The date, day, and time that the drinks will be needed
  • The corresponding quantities of each of the food and drink
  • Their qualities, specifications and other finer details
  • Any other relevant pieces of information

Team Building Catering Quotation

Has a seminar that is dedicated to the matters of team building? You should seek the team building catering services as they are the ones that are wholly planned and intended for the same. That obviously demands a quotation to that effect. The quotation reveals the following pieces of information:

  • The exact event to be hosted and its overall significance
  • The precise foods and drinks that are going to be served in the venue
  • Any special diets or persons whom the caterers have to care for
  • How much the foods and drinks are to cost in total
  • When and how the final amounts have to pay for


Given the complicated nature of the quotations we have talked of above, chances are you might never know how to draft them singlehandedly. You will badly need a catering quotation template to do the job. This is a special framework against which to fill in the gaps to produce a quotation. Consider getting online to be able to download and print them out for your use.