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If you have a cleaning business, you want to ensure that the work you do is profitable. It’s very easy to be busy, and yet at the end of the day, you find that you simply haven’t made a profit – or worse, you aren’t even meeting your costs. Many people who run cleaning businesses do a fantastic job of leaving home or business squeaky clean. They delight their clients and have an excellent reputation. They should be making a very comfortable living, but because they find the accounting and paperwork aspects of their business to be less easy to manage, their finances can get into a bit of a mess!

What Is a Cleaning Quote?

One of the ways that cleaning business owners can ensure that they are making a profit on every job they do is to create clear, well-thought-out quotes for each new project. A quote will enable both you and your client to understand exactly what services are being offered, under what terms and conditions, and at what cost. Rather than just giving a ballpark estimate, a professional quote enables both parties to see each element of the quote.

In order to make a great job on this important task, why not download a cleaning quote template?

What Is a Cleaning Quote Template?

A cleaning quote template is an outline document consisting of several headings. Each heading represents an important element in the presentation of a clear and professional cleaning quote. The template allows you to take into consideration every element of your costs, and also it clarifies exactly what services you will be providing. Cleaning quote templates are easily available at no cost online. You can check out what is available and find the exact template for you.

The Essential Elements of a Cleaning Quote Template

Your template is going to vary depending on the kind of job you are quoting for. For example, a quote to clean a factory every evening will be more complex and will involve more elements than a quote to clean a small condo once a week. The basic elements are going to be similar, and you can add extra elements if you need them.

Here are the essential items:

  • Your company logo
  • Your company name, address, and contact details
  • The name of the individual in your company who should be contacted regarding the quote
  • The name and contact details of the potential client
  • The name and job title of the contact person at the client company
  • The date on which the quote is submitted
  • The life of the quote – for example, “This quote is valid until 30th September 2023” (This is particularly important in times of high inflation.)
  • The address of the property or properties to which the quote relates.
  • A broad outline of the work. For example, “Cleaning and resupplying the public bathrooms at County General Hospital twice a day, 365 days a year.”
  • A detailed description of the work. For example, Daily cleaning and sanitizing of floors, walls, sanitary fittings, mirrors, dispensers, door handles, and cubicle doors. Resupplying toilet paper, paper towels, and hand cleaner. All cleaning is undertaken to standard 146C of County General Hospital’s Operating Standards.
  • Details of staff. For example, “All staff employed by this company are fully trained, carry a million dollar bond, and are certified to be US citizens or holders of a valid work permit, and to have clean police records.”
  • Details of company insurance coverage
  • Details of special products used. For example, “All products used for this project will be organic and hypo-allergenic.”
  • Details of cost, including any variances. For example, you might want to quote for bi-weekly or weekly services.
  • Details of any applicable taxes
  • Total cost for the project
  • Details of payment terms
  • Once your quote is submitted, you should allow the potential client time to consider it. Remember, if this is an institutional job, then you are probably in competition with other companies, and the organization may take some time to reach a decision. Private clients can be expected to decide more quickly. When you submit your quote, try to get an idea of how long the decision will take. Once that time has passed, a polite follow-up call or e-mail is in order. You can say something along the lines of, “I wonder if you have had the chance to consider our quote. Do you have any questions at this point?” Don’t be afraid to follow up or to ask for the business. “If you are happy with our quote, when can we start work?”

Can You Make Money from a Cleaning Business?

The straight answer is, yes, you can. With any business, the secrets of success in simple terms are:

  • Offering quality service all the time, every time
  • Offering a service at a competitive cost – not necessarily the cheapest
  • Offering service above and beyond the services your competitors offer – little extras like leaving a small bunch of flowers or a couple of chocolates after you have cleaned a home
  • Ensuring that your staff are well trained and well treated
  • Listening to and adapting to the changing needs of the market
  • Understanding your costs and ensuring that you are making a profit

Some Specialist Cleaning Services You Could Consider

A specialist service will always be more profitable and sought after than a general service. Having said that, if you are working in a small community, you might have to be a jack-of-all-cleaning-trades. With a larger, more diverse market within easy reach, you should definitely consider at least one area of specialization.

Here are some ideas for specialist cleaning services that may be needed in your community:

Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scene cleaning can involve everything from putting a vandalized home back together to deep cleaning blood and gore from a murder scene. A strong stomach is definitely called for, as well as sympathy and discretion. You will be working alongside your local police department as well as insurance company representatives. You may need heavy-duty cleaning equipment, but generally, there isn’t a need for anything too specialized.

Hyo-allergenic Cleaning

Many families have one or more members who are allergic to regular cleaning materials. Offering a specialist cleaning service that takes into account the needs of allergic individuals is a high-value service that is in demand. A consultation with the client in advance to make absolutely sure that the materials you will be using are compatible with their needs, and a written contract, are essential.

Gift Cleaning

Offering a gift service is a very good add-on to a regular cleaning service. A surprise home cleaning makes a great birthday, anniversary, welcome home from the hospital, or new baby gift. This is really a regular service marketed in an original way. Extra touches such as flowers, plants, chocolates, laundry, and more can be added in.

Church Cleaning

It used to be that the ladies of the congregation would clean the church. These days, congregations are smaller, possibly older, and many of the women are juggling a job and home responsibilities that don’t leave much time for volunteering. Church cleaning needs to be carried out with particular delicacy, especially if cleaning is needed in the sanctuary or for sacred objects such as chalices. A consultation with the pastor and probably the vestry will undoubtedly be involved. Extra services such as cleaning after weddings and funerals would be a useful add-on.

Home Care Cleaning

This is one step away from full home care. Many elders enjoy a little extra help around the home – the companionship is as good as the cleaning. Add in shopping services, and you can help a senior person stay in their own home without daily support just that little while longer.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood damage is becoming more and more common as we experience the terrible effects of global warming. Extreme weather events, once a hundred or even thousand-year occurrence, now seem to happen every year. You will almost certainly need the training to undertake this specialized work. You will also need specialized equipment, such as dehumidifiers. Flood damage work can be hazardous due to the presence of sewage and other contaminants as well as molds. You will often be working with insurance companies and may even be required to report to them on whether the damage is recoverable or not.

Mother and Baby Support Cleaning

New mothers, especially first-time mothers, can find the challenges of looking after a new baby and keeping their home clean and tidy overwhelming. A specialist service for new moms, a combination of cleaning and friendship, can be a boon to a young family.

To succeed in your cleaning service business, it helps to stand out from the crowd. Offering a specialist service as some or all of your business helps to make you look different and special.

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