Consultant Quote Templates

A consultant quote is essentially an offering of services along with an accounting of the cost of those services. It will outline the content of the project, the time it will take, the resources that are needed, and the cost to the client. It should also explain the benefits of the consultancy process – what the client can expect to gain from the consultancy process.

Unlike quoting for goods or specific services, it isn’t always clear what a consultancy can deliver. A consultancy quote should attempt to qualify and quantify the expected results. For example, “As a result of this consultancy, your company will have a clear understanding of the capital investment options available to it, as well as the potential risks and rewards of each option.”

You have become an expert in your field, and people look to you for help and advice. You’ve given out a LOT of free advice over the years. Now, you’ve decided to offer your services as a consultant – and that’s a great idea. So you need to figure out the best way to present quotes for your consultancy work. You want your quote to look professional, be easy to understand, and clearly explain what you can (and maybe can’t) offer your potential client. And, of course, you want your quote to be accepted.

What Is a Consultant Quote Template?

A consultancy quote template is a pro forma document that can be downloaded free from the internet. It acts as a guide for the consultant, ensuring that the quote is complete and clear. As a consultant, it can be rather difficult to explain how the wood differs from the trees to a potential client! A consultant quote template enables you to present a clear quote with features and benefits, and in fact, it enables you to tell a compelling story.

What Does A Good Consultancy Quote Contain?

A good consultancy quote might be a rather lengthy document. Be prepared to take your time, as this document will serve as a guide to your project.

Here are the elements of a good quote:

  • Your company logo
  • Your name, address, and contact details, including your email address and telephone numbers
  • The name of the person responsible for the consultancy (if it isn’t you)
  • The name, address, and contact details of the client
  • Your credentials. Have you carried out this kind of consultancy before? With permission, you should mention this earlier work, including, if appropriate, who the potential client can contact for a reference.
  • Your professional qualifications, including any professional standards that you will be working to. For example, if you are consulting on a solar installation, you need to show your state license to install electrical systems.
  • The date of the quote
  • The life of the quote – how long is the quote good for? (For example, “This quote is valid until 31st October 2022)
  • The location at which the consultancy will take place, if that applies. For example, you may be consulting on a new garden design, in which case you would mention the physical location.
  • A description of the problem that the consultancy is designed to address. This should be derived from detailed conversations with the potential client. If you can use some of the client’s own words when describing the problem, this is a subtle way of signaling that you are fully engaged in his issues.
  • The timing of the work. This is a significant element of your proposal. Be realistic, but remember that the potential client’s problem is uppermost in his or her mind and needs fixing fast. Allow a bit more time than you think it will take – you can always surprise the client pleasantly by delivering the work earlier than expected.
  • How the consultancy report will be delivered. This enables you to describe what the end document will be like. Will it have plans and drawings? Will it have samples and brochures attached? If you under-describe and over-deliver, that isn’t a bad thing, but if there is a big figure at the end of your quote, then it’s a good idea for the potential client to understand what they are getting for their money.
  • The cost of the consultancy. This may be a one-off charge, staged payments, or an ongoing charge if you are offering, for example, consultancy services for information technology systems that will require continuous review. Any applicable taxes should be shown separately. Individual elements such as site visits over and above a certain number should be itemized.

How Long Should You Allow For Your Potential Client To Consider Your Quote?

If the quote is complex, then you should allow a reasonable amount of time for it to be considered. There is nothing wrong with checking in to find out if there are any questions. You may well need to have a meeting to discuss the content of your consultancy quote, especially if the client needs to vary the requirements.

If the quote is simple, then allow a week before you make that polite inquiry as to whether the client wants to accept the quote.

Is Consultancy A Lucrative Business?

Consultancy can be a very lucrative business because you are selling an infinitely renewable resource – your brains, experience, and know-how. If you are helping a client with purchases, you may be in a position to get commissions from people supplying goods and equipment. This should, of course, be declared and the savings passed on to your client. This is good and ethical business practice; don’t be tempted to put those savings in your pocket, as this will cloud your judgment and make you a less effective consultant.

Don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth. People judge the value of service in part by what they are paying for it. If it’s expensive, it must be good, right? Of course, you should understand what your competitors are charging and not get too out of line. But don’t undersell yourself – you’ll be stuck with lowball prices for a long tie.

Remember that people don’t have anything much to judge by when they are buying your services. (Of course, you should always offer references, but you may not have these when you are starting out.) So make sure that you look the part. You should be well groomed (but not over-dressed). Your vehicle should be clean and well maintained, even if it isn’t fancy. Good manners and a firm handshake go a long way.

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