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As a restaurant owner or manager, you're probably familiar with the process of creating a quote for customers. However, have you ever considered using a restaurant quote template to streamline the process?

What is Restaurant Quote Template?

A restaurant quote template is a document that outlines the cost of a meal or catering service for a customer. It typically includes a breakdown of the cost of food, drinks, service fees, and any other additional charges. The template can be customized to include specific menu items, prices, and other details unique to your restaurant.

Why Is Restaurant Quote Template Important?

Using a restaurant quote template is important for several reasons. First, it saves time by eliminating the need to create a quote from scratch each time a customer requests one. Instead, you can simply use the template and adjust it to fit the customer's specific needs. Additionally, a template ensures that you don't forget to include any important details, such as taxes or service fees, which could result in misunderstandings or disputes down the line.

Essential Elements of Restaurant Quote Template

While the specific details of a restaurant quote template may vary depending on your restaurant's needs, there are several essential elements that should be included. These include:

  • Restaurant Name and Contact Information: This should be prominently displayed at the top of the quote.
  • Customer Name and Contact Information: This information should also be included, so the customer knows who the quote is for and how to contact you if they have questions.
  • Date: Be sure to include the date the quote was created, as this will help you keep track of different versions if changes are made.
  • Menu Items and Prices: Include a list of menu items the customer has requested, along with their prices. If the customer has requested any modifications or substitutions, these should also be included.
  • Additional Charges: This may include taxes, service fees, delivery fees, or any other charges associated with the meal or catering service.
  • Total Cost: Be sure to include a final total for the quote, so the customer knows exactly how much they will be paying.

How to Create a Restaurant Quote Template

Creating a restaurant quote template is relatively straightforward. Start by identifying the essential elements you want to include, such as the ones listed above. Then, use a word processing or spreadsheet program to create a document that includes these elements. Customize the template with your restaurant's logo, colors, and fonts to give it a professional look.

Tips for Using a Printable Restaurant Quote Template

If you're using a printable restaurant quote template, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, be sure to print the template on high-quality paper to give it a professional look. Second, double-check all the information on the quote before giving it to the customer to ensure accuracy. Finally, keep a copy of the quote for your records, so you can refer back to it if the customer has questions or concerns.


How do I know what prices to include in the quote?

Prices should be based on your restaurant's current menu and pricing structure. Be sure to update the template regularly to reflect any changes in menu items or prices.

Can I customize the template for different types of events, such as weddings or corporate events?

Yes, you can create different versions of the template for different types of events, as long as they include the essential elements.

Can I send the quote electronically?

Yes, you can send the quote via email or other electronic means, but make sure to obtain confirmation from the customer that they have received and reviewed the quote.

What if the customer requests changes to the quote?

If the customer requests changes to the quote, make sure to update the template to reflect the changes and provide the customer with a revised version of the quote.


Using a restaurant quote template can save you time and ensure that your quotes are accurate and professional-looking. By including the essential elements listed above, you can create a template that meets the needs of your restaurant and customers. With a little customization and attention to detail, you can create a template that helps you provide excellent customer service and increase your revenue.

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