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There are lots of ways to spark interest in your electrical business. However, once the customers start rolling in, you’ll need to have some essential paperwork on hand to facilitate the process and help them go from ‘interested’ to ‘client.’ The most important thing your potential customers need, besides an overall sense of your reliability, competence, and trustworthiness, is a professional electrical quote. People want to know what they are paying for upfront, and savvy shoppers compare rates between different services before they choose the right fit for the job they have in mind.

Standing out in a crowd, especially if there are lots of electricians in the area where you live, is essential. A fast, easy-to-fill-out template for giving quotes can inspire confidence and more efficient projects with a professional air. Given a choice between a handwritten quote, one made from scratch and takes hours to receive, or a short formulaic template the client can have in minutes; people are more likely to remember the latter positively even if they have multiple quotes in hand.

What is an Electrical Quote?

An electrical quote is a detailed, fixed price for a project within specified time limits. Electrical quotes show a customer how much the electrician charges for their labor, help, materials, and other relevant fees. Adding terms, conditions, and a signature line can turn a quote into a binding contract, so using the correct language and rates is critical.

Typically these quotes are valid only for a limited period of time, especially in the electrical field. This is primarily due to the fluctuating price of copper. Copper wire is essential for electrical work.

What Is an Electrical Quote Template?

You can write all your quotes from scratch, but it’s a waste of time and doesn’t look very professional. An electrical quote template will solve that problem because it is a simple, reusable, blank form that lets you plug in details for a requested job quickly and easily. Our templates are created by professionals and are free to download. All you have to do is modify them by adding the correct information, and you can be ready to print or email your quote in minutes.

Essential Elements of an Electrical Quote Template

The essential elements of an electrical quote template are simple to master. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can use it as a reference when filling out forms. Below are all the things you need to include and where they belong on the page.

  • At the top of the page, you should put your business logo in the right-hand corner. In the left corner, in large, bold print, put the title words “Quote” or “Electrical Quote.”
  • Below the title, put a reference number for easy filing. Next, place the date below the reference number.
  • Below your logo, put your contact information for the business. Include everything; the name of the company, your name, phone number, email, and business address.
  • Next, you need to put the client’s name and contact information.
  • Although it is technically optional, adding a short professional introduction is a good idea. Think of this as a one-paragraph letter with no signature. It should address the client by name and tell them that this is the form they requested with all the pertinent information. Close with a statement about how much you look forward to working with them.
  • Add a description of the job as requested by the client. The description section should include exactly what they asked for. Make sure it’s concise and that anyone looking at it will understand what the quote is for.
  • Under the description, you should have two columns, often presented as a simple chart. On one side are the things you need to charge for, such as labor hours and materials. On the other side, you put the cost of those items. At the bottom, you can add a total column, though this is optional depending on the scope of the work to be performed.
  • Near the bottom of the sheet, you can add an optional closing statement thanking the customer and a signature.
  • Finally, you should include your credentials across the bottom of the page to show that you are well qualified for the work they need.

Create a Better Electrical Quote With These Tips

Once you have a basic idea of what you need to include, a great, high-quality electrical quote template will do a lot of the work for you. However, you can always elevate it to the next level. Here are a few smart tips to help you create a better electrical quote.

Ask your competition for their quotes on a basic job and compare them. Doing this will give you a good idea of what is considered fair compensation in your area. Even if the jobs you do aren’t similar, you’ll still know what other companies charge for labor, allowing you to price competitively.

Print your quotes on letterhead whenever possible.

Add your company logo to the template’s top if you don’t have letterhead to print on. Also, use your logo in emails.

If you don’t have a logo, take the time to design one or find an artist on a freelance website to make one for you. Your business will look more professional with a standard logo on everything.

Don’t use any fancy fonts. Stick to basic options like Times New Roman because they are easier to read.

Always double-check your math before pushing pint or send. This goes double if you have a signature line to turn your quote into a contract, as the terms you set will bind you whether you forgot to add a zero or not.

Never leave the quote open-ended. Always have a time limit for how long the quote is valid.

Don’t use a bunch of ‘fun’ colors. You want a simple, professional form with a logo that doesn’t look childish.

Only print quotes on clean, unlined, undamaged white paper.

Have a lawyer look over or even create your terms and conditions. Doing this will prevent confusion about what you can and should include to cover all your bases.

Electrical Estimate Vs. Quote

When a customer asks for an estimate, they are looking for a general idea of the cost of your services. Estimates are not concrete and generally don’t have a total column with the expected job cost because they are not a quote for the entire job a client wants to be done. They only show your services’ flat or hourly rate and relevant fees like travel time and materials. Customers may ask for an estimate before they want a quote.

A quote is more specific. Often a quote form includes a contract for services that the client can sign stating they have agreed to hire and pay you as described. These forms usually break down the costs of everything in a job and lay out the prices exactly. You can use an electrical quote template to create estimates and quotes with only minor modifications.

Bids and Proposals

A bid is more common for construction, but if you are ever asked to bid on a bigger job, such as a series of new homes in housing development, then a bid goes a step further. Bids are typically highly detailed. They would include the specific cost of doing a large-scale job.

Meanwhile, a proposal explains in minute detail exactly what you can bring to the table and is a bit like a bid or quote, except the language is geared toward highlighting the value you add to the project when a potential customer looks into your services. You can use an electrical quote template as a part of your paperwork when creating a full bid or proposal, but you’ll likely need to include more information than you would on a basic quote.


Below we’ve included the two most frequently asked questions about electrical quotes.

Are electrical quotes free?

Most electrical quotes are free. Although some electricians charge for their time to come out and estimate a job, it is far more common for them to give a free assessment of the scope and cost of a job. However, electricians may sometimes include the price for the quote in a contract later. Please be aware that some clients will see this practice as fundamentally dishonest. It’s important to be forthright about what they are being charged for to avoid problems down the line, and businesses cannot charge for a quote after telling someone it is free. That said, if the electrician has to travel far out of their way to do a job estimate, it’s reasonable for them to charge for the time.

How do you quote an electrical job?

We recommend using our free templates to create your quote for an electrical job. You can quickly and efficiently knock out an electrical quote with this article’s advice. In general, the quote is simply a way to clearly and concisely communicate the cost of labor multiplied by the time spent, plus any materials, taxes, or fees, plus a profit for your business.

Final Thoughts

Paperwork isn’t the best part of any job, and creating a professional, personalized quote from scratch for every job is tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, when you have the correct templates, you can spend much less time worrying about it. To use our free electrical quote templates, simply download one and fill in the blanks using Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, Sheets or any PDF editor. It should only take a few moments. Once you’re done customizing the empty template for the job, you can email or print it in seconds. Your client gets the information they need immediately, and you look more efficient and professional.

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