How to Ask for a Catering Quote

When planning an event, one of the essential elements to consider is catering. To make sure you get the best service for your budget, it’s vital to ask for a catering quote. This guide will walk you through the process of requesting a catering quote, helping you to get the most accurate and comprehensive information possible.

Determine Your Event Details:

Before approaching a caterer, it’s crucial to have a clear idea of the event specifics. These details will help you communicate your requirements effectively and ensure the quote you receive is as accurate as possible. Consider the following:

  • Event type (e.g., wedding, corporate event, birthday party)
  • Event date and time
  • Number of guests
  • Venue/location
  • Dietary restrictions or preferences
  • Theme or style (if applicable)

Research Potential Caterers:

Once you have a clear vision of your event, it’s time to research potential caterers. Look for reviews, ratings, and recommendations from friends, family, or online resources. Make a shortlist of catering companies that match your criteria and seem to have a good reputation.

Prepare Your Request for a Quote:

Before contacting a caterer, prepare a list of questions and information you’ll need to provide. This step will save time and help you avoid forgetting crucial details. Include:

  • Your event details (as mentioned in step 1)
  • Budget range
  • Preferred menu style (e.g., buffet, plated, family-style)
  • Any specific menu items or requests
  • Service expectations (e.g., serving staff, bartenders, setup and breakdown)
  • Rental requirements (e.g., tables, chairs, linens, tableware)

Reach Out to Your Shortlisted Caterers:

With your request for a quote prepared, it’s time to contact the caterers on your shortlist. You can do this via email, phone call, or through their website, depending on the caterer’s preferred method of communication. Be sure to provide all the necessary details and ask any relevant questions. Remember to be clear, concise, and polite in your request.

Compare Quotes and Services:

Once you’ve received quotes from your shortlisted caterers, it’s essential to compare them carefully. Keep in mind that the lowest quote doesn’t necessarily mean the best value. Consider the following factors:

  • Cost breakdown: Look at the details of each quote and ensure you understand what’s included and what’s not.
  • Menu quality: Review the proposed menus and consider the variety, creativity, and presentation of the dishes.
  • Service offerings: Determine if the caterer can accommodate your service expectations and rental requirements.
  • Customization: Assess the caterer’s willingness to adjust their proposal based on your preferences and feedback.
  • Communication and professionalism: Evaluate how responsive, friendly, and professional the caterer has been throughout the quoting process.

Make Your Decision:

After comparing the quotes, services, and overall impression of each caterer, choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Don’t forget to take note of any specific terms and conditions, and finalize the contract with your chosen caterer.


Asking for a catering quote may seem daunting, but by following this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to find the perfect caterer for your event. Remember to be clear and thorough in your requests, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. With the right caterer, your event is sure to be a success.

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