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If your business is planning to offer maintenance services, then you need to have a good way to manage and control the quoting process. You may be involved in preparing many quotes. This can be a very time-consuming part of your job. You would probably like to standardize the way that you prepare your quotes; to minimize the time it takes you to prepare each quote. This is where a maintenance quote template can be really useful.

Enterprises don’t look after themselves. That’s a fact of business life. Be it a physical space like a restaurant, a nursing home, an apartment block, or a virtual space like a website; businesses need constant care and attention to ensure that they are in good repair and working to maximum efficiency.

In many instances, there are also legal obligations that have to be complied with. For example, in nursing homes and hospitals, most states require that there are fully functioning backup electrical systems. That’s just one instance of a need for effective maintenance.

At one time, businesses could afford to keep in-house staff to ensure that their premises and equipment were kept in good shape. These days, it is far more likely that maintenance is contracted out to a specialist company.

This gives many smaller enterprises some excellent business opportunities. Obtaining maintenance contracts help you to grow your business. It gives you predictable income streams that create financial stability and offer continuing opportunities for expansion.

What is a Maintenance Quote?

A maintenance quote is a document that explains what services you will contract to provide, how they will be provided, and the cost of those services. It also outlines any special conditions and requirements that either of the parties may require.

What is a Maintenance Quote Template?

A template is a pro forma outline document with headings that help you construct a complete quote for a maintenance contract. Maintenance quote templates are readily available online in various formats, the most popular being MS Word, MS Excel, and Google Docs.

Templates are often free to use and can be downloaded to make them easy to work on and distribute. They enable you to present a detailed quote clearly and professionally.

Which Businesses Use Maintenance Quote Templates?

Any business offering maintenance services is going to prepare quotes from time to time. Some of the most frequent users are:

  • Lawn services
  • Garden services
  • Landscaping services
  • Web Site maintenance
  • Property maintenances
  • Swimming pool services
  • Restaurant maintenance
  • Nursing home maintenance
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing services
  • AC and heating maintenance
  • Vehicle and fleet maintenance

Clearly, one size would not fit all when it comes to quote templates for these many and varied needs. You can almost certainly find specific maintenance quote templates that work for your particular requirements.

How to Deal With a Request For a Quote

A request for a quote can be anything from a casual mention at a party to a large printed government document. The response should be similar. You need to find out exactly what the person or organization requesting a maintenance quote actually needs. In the case of a printed request, all that is required is to read and understand the document. If you do have any queries, there should be a contact person who can help you resolve these before you begin your quote.

The casual request should be followed up to ensure that you have all the details you need. Never be afraid to do this – it makes you look like the professional that you are. You should send an initial response, thanking the person for asking for your quote and letting them know when they will have that quote in their hands.

What Should a Good Maintenance Quote Contain?

These are the basic elements that you can adapt according to your specific requirements.

  • Your company details, including name, address, phone numbers, email, website, and logo.
  • The name and contact details of the person responsible for the quote.
  • The company details, including name, address, phone number, and email of the company receiving the quote
  • The name (or position) and contact details of the person responsible for reviewing the quote at the client company
  • The date on which the quote is submitted
  • The location or locations at which the maintenance service will be delivered
  • A summary of the services that will be delivered
  • A detailed list of the services that will be offered includes the scope of repair and replacement services. (For example, if you find a piece of equipment that is faulty, will it be repaired or replaced, and if so, will permission be sought before this is carried out.)
  • The cost of each service. This may be a flat rate or an hourly charge.
  • Taxes that apply to the charges, separately stated
  • The standard to which the maintenance will be carried out
  • The qualifications of the personnel who will be carrying out the work
  • Insurance coverage carried by your company
  • Safety and trade standards that your company observes in its maintenance work
  • Timing on delivery of services. (For example, for lawn maintenance, you may offer seasonal, monthly, or weekly services.
  • Alternatives that you can offer should be itemized and shown clearly
  • A total for the work
  • The laws under which the work will be carried out. This is especially important if you will be working out of state. For a large quote, it is probably wise to consult your lawyer before submitting it.
  • The duration of the quote. For example, you might say that the quote is valid for thirty days from the date it is submitted.
  • Payment requirements

How to Deal with Inflation

With inflation being a serious issue in most economies at present, the quotation process has become very difficult for many companies. Of course, you can (and should) look at current prices and add something on for likely inflation that is up ahead.

If you believe that materials that you need in substantial quantities to complete your maintenance contract obligations – a good example of this would be fuel for garden care equipment – then you might consider putting in a rider. This could allow for an increase in costs if fuel rises beyond a certain price. There is a risk in this because people prefer to know what they are signing up for. It might be better to simply factor this in and add a bit to your profits.

Don’t forget to charge for your own time. Management costs are easy to forget when you are a small business owner.

The Professional Approach

A professionally prepared maintenance quote shows your potential client that you have an organized approach to your work. A template enables you to present your offer in a clear and easily understood way, and it will stand up well against your competitors.

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