Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We do not collect any of your information on our website.


Our site displays advert contents that is purely from our organization and other from other sites. It’s always very important to do a thorough research about the privacy policy of various sites before doing an assumption about our privacy policy.

AdSense of Google

In most cases we make use of the AdSense of google, this normally it involves the collection and display of ads such as the cookies. Much of the information about the google cookies can be found on official google website.

Third party links

It’s very obvious that we work closely with third party sites which we normally provides you links to. This sites are normally different identities and have their own privacy policy. When you visit the sites they may ask you for your personal details and you are expected to look at their privacy policy before feeding in your information. The fact that the sites are linked to our sites doesn’t mean that we are one thing.

Contacting us

If you may be having and question or need clarification about our privacy policy you can contact us using our email address ( support [@] ) You can also use the same email to raise any concern where you feel you are denied your rights in regards to the privacy policy. To help us in upgrading and updating our privacy policy you are advised to review the privacy policy document.