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Customers requiring repairs will usually look around for the best prices from different businesses. As a repair company, you can throw your hat in the ring by sending an inquiring client a repair quote highlighting your services and how much they cost. Whether you repair computers, vehicles, or furniture, this document will describe the scope of your services and expected payment, among other terms. It will help communicate how you plan to complete the work so both you and the client can have an easy time. Let’s review what you need to know about creating this document from a repair quote template.

What Is a Repair Quote?

A repair quote is a detailed document that highlights the repair services a company offers, their prices, and all associated labor costs, material charges, and taxes. Essentially, it breaks down all the services a repair company offers in direct response to a customer’s inquiry. It tells the client everything the company has to offer and how much it will cost, as well as lays down the terms of the job. A typical repair quote will usually outline the following:

  • A brief description of the repair services offered.
  • The price of each service.
  • Associated taxes
  • Labor costs
  • Material fees, and more.

What Is a Repair Quote Template?

A repair quote template is a generic, customizable guide document that you can use to create a repair quote for your business. It contains editable fields where you can affix your business logo and contact information and blank fields where you can enter specific client and service details to create a professional quote. Since all you need to do is supply specific details for each inquiry, rather than create a full quote from scratch, repair quote templates can streamline your quoting process.

Essential Elements of a Repair Quote Template

No client will hire a repair business without knowing how much you will charge them for your services. That said, you need to strike a balance between trying to impress a customer and taking care of your repair business and employees. You can do this by including these proven elements in your quote:

1. Company and Client Information

Always identify your repair business by name, address, and contact information. You also need to input the client’s details for your records. For proper record keeping, give your quote a unique quote number and date of issue, which is the date you send the quote to the client.

2. Repair Services

Write down a list of the repair services you offer. Remember, this is not a business proposal. Only include the services the client has specifically inquired about or requested.

3. Repair Services Details

Break down all the services you have mentioned, giving a brief description, their costs, and all related labor costs and material fees. Include taxes, available discounts, and the overall cost.

4. Terms and Conditions

Set the terms and conditions for the project. This is where you define the scope of your repair services and identify services that are outside your purview. Additionally, you can include a timeline within which the repair quote is valid and an estimated timeline for the project.


1. What are some essential elements of a house repair quotation?

A contractor prepares a house repair quotation to estimate the services that must be performed during a remodeling project and how much they will cost. It highlights the following:
The contractor’s name and business address
The home owner’s name and contact information
The physical address of the house
The repairs to be made on the house
The labor and material costs
Possible contingencies and delay terms
Period of the repair project

2. What are some essential elements of a car repair quotation?

When a customer inquires about having their car fixed, the mechanic will usually respond by preparing a car repair quotation. This document will contain the following details:
The name and address of the mechanic shop
The make, model, year, color, and VIN of the vehicle
The vehicle owner’s name and contact information
A description of the repairs to be made on the car.
The material and labor costs.
All associated taxes.

What are some essential elements of a computer repair quotation?

Computer repair companies will prepare a quotation before performing repairs for a prospective client. This document will contain the following details:
The name and address of the computer repair company.
The client’s name and contact information.
A diagnosis of the computer’s problems.
A description of the repair services offered by the firm.
Their costs, including labor fees.
Any available discounts
The period within which the quote is valid.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a Repair Quote Template at hand can help you better communicate your repair services to your client. When you use the same professional quality template for all your quotes, you create uniformity, simplify the quotation process, and create a reliable tradition with your repeat customers. A quote with a professional letterhead also lends your repair business credibility, drawing in more clients.

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