Sales Quotation Template

Sales is the aggregate output of product in a given production unit. Sales quotation template indicates the number of production units per the time duration. It indicates the amount to be sold and the destined customer or place. Every production needs a record in order to know the exact production and estimated profit. Any business premise should have a sale quotation template to indicate the number of product units sold per the time duration. The easiest way to do so is to get our downloadable editable and printable sales and price quotation templates. These quotation templates are designed to help the user add their logo, address, serial numbers for every product, add some notes and any sale terms. then they can print right away after editing.


These templates have the following slot to edit before printing for easy customization:

Quantity: Sales quotation template indicates the number of sales made in each customer demand receipt. These units are packaged according to the demand and the request. It is also an arrangement for the various sales of products in different platforms.

Price per unit: It is an indication of the cost per unit that determine the cost which you will pay in the overall. Each unit has a single price and the total amount to be paid. It also shows the tax deductible and discount allowed.

Disclaimer: Once good are sold they are never returned. Report any breakage of the seal before opening this is a recommended statement that is found in a sales quotation template

Authorization signature: it is a dispatch authorization for the officer releasing the products. It can be technologically developed to get a duplicate and the original sale quotation. Technology helps keep the record for future reference.

Date: this is a very important included feature for reference and record keeping. Any sale should have a proper date for convenience claim and filing.

After editing the Sales quotation template should be presentable and filled with the required information to guide the customers in case of the business name, contact and other crucial information needed. This infelicitous fit in a single page so as to give a precise and concise information.


Sales quotation template should be downloadable with editing options so as to attach any required features for your company. They need to be precise and accurate to give a good information. Template stipulates where the company is located, their contact and address. Download yours today.


Sales Quotation Template for Excel,

Sales Quotation template