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Training your employees with the latest industry-relevant skills improves their productivity and your company’s bottom line. If you are a business that provides personal or business training, then you need to utilize a training quote template to provide your clients with the exact price tag and scope of your services. Unlike an estimate, a quote template needs to be precise. Here is a collection of professional editable training quote templates.

What is a Training Quote?

A training quote is a document that outlines the curriculum for the training, the price, period, and other essential elements regarding the activity. Usually, you send a training quote with a proposal to land the training gig.

Corporate trainers, individuals, and other entities can prepare training quotes. The essence of a training quote is to present the exact price you will charge the potential client for training services rendered to them. A tech company may be launching new software that requires the sales and marketing team to increase its brand awareness. In such a case, if you offer sales and marketing, you need to send the quote to land the gig based on the price and services offered.

A training quote is like a bid. You must create an impressive request that stands out from your competitor’s quotes. Using a template

What is a Training Quote Template?

A training quote template is a pre-drafted training quote that incorporates all the fundamental elements of a training quote. All you need to do with the template is fill in your company’s letterhead, contact info, the scope of services, and prices.

Training quote templates are compatible with Excel, Word, or other editing software, so you can effortlessly edit them. Training quote templates simplify your job. Instead of creating the templates from scratch, download one, edit it, and send it to the potential client.

Essential Elements of a Training Quote Template

A training quote template requires essential elements to achieve its cause. A training quote is much like an invoice, but the significant difference is that with an invoice, you send it after the job to request payment, while you send the template before actually getting the job.

Templates differ depending on the site you have downloaded them from. But they lost all contain the following essential elements:

Company letterhead

An eye-catching template requires a well-designed letterhead that attracts the reader. Affix your company’s vision or mission statement beneath the logo. Also, remember to write the contact information for your business.

Scope of Services

The template’s body tells the company the services you intend to provide. You need to be specific as possible and avoid listing vague statements like “train them how to use intelligence boards.” Instead, write “train them to use SEMrush intelligence dashboards to analyze KPIs.”

You can write the benefits or the end goal of each training session. Also, note how long the session will last.


Indicate the specific prices for each training session. If you are using an hourly rate, remember to write the charges. Sum the total cost and write it down. Indicate if there are discounts and the terms of the deal.

A breakdown of the pricing structure indicates transparency and professionalism, which most clients look for. If you intend to purchase special equipment for the duration of the training, it is best to write it down and detail who will foot the bill. In most cases, you will pay for the equipment purchase since you will retain it afterward.

Terms and Conditions

Since the training quote will form the basis for the final contact, you need to list the contract’s policies. Detail the payment, refund, cancellation, and non-compete policies that govern most agreements.

The merit of using a template is it already contains general terms and conditions. Customize the terms and conditions to suit your business’s unique needs and the training curriculum.

Things to Remember When Writing A Quote Template

  • Write specific scope of services. To avoid legal debacles, write a clear and concise range of the training.
  • Write exact dollar amounts. Detail the total cost breakdown with the actual figures, cents included. Do not write an estimate since the payment you will receive is what will be on the quote.
  • Attach a cover letter. A convincing cover letter helps your case in explaining the training services and why the client should choose you.
  • Create a soft copy of the quote that you can edit. You may gather new information or need to throw in an incentive. Keep a soft copy around that you can effortlessly edit.

Final Thoughts

Forward-thinking managers need to constantly update their team with the latest skills in the market. A training quote outlines the price and scope of services for the type of training you will issue to the company’s employees. Use a quote template to simplify the drafting process. Customize it to add a personal touch essential to increasing your chances of getting the gig.

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