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With the advent of the internet, arranging overseas travel yourself became easy for most people. In fact, spending hours, days, and weeks researching your trip is part of the fun of a vacation for many of us. However, there are plenty of people who have neither the time, the skills, nor the inclination, to be their own travel agent. They want someone else to put together the perfect package for them, purpose-built to their taste. These aren’t people who will be contented to buy a vacation package straight off the shelf. They are interested in the details of their trip, but they just don’t want to bother to organize them for themselves.

What is a Travel Agent Quote?

A travel agent quote is a detailed breakdown of a complete vacation. Every aspect of the trip is outlined and priced. If there are alternative choices available, these are outlined. A quote should be comprehensive and should allow the client to decide whether this is the trip of their dreams or not.

When you prepare a quote, you have the opportunity to increase the profitability of your sale by adding in options that your client might not have thought of. For example, you might price extra days to extend the visit. You can suggest trips and experiences that your client might enjoy. Another good source of additional income can be upgraded to flights, other transportation, accommodation, and meals.

What is a Travel Agency Quote Template?

A travel agency quote template enables the person creating a travel quote to include and highlight every aspect of a potential trip. It acts as a reminder to include every cost item that might arise. Travel agency quote templates are readily available online and allow for quick and easy completion of a quote, with nothing left out. It makes for easy reading for the potential client; the client can see clearly how the final total is arrived at.

A travel agency quote template is a useful marketing aid that shows your attention to detail and to the needs and wants of your client. It creates a professional document that reflects well on you and your company. It also enables clients to compare quotes easily. It also acts as an aid to the person creating the quote to ensure that every aspect of a trip is covered.

Remember that once you have created a template, you can keep it and adapt it for use with other clients. It makes sense to store each template that you create so that you can build a library of complete trip quotes. In this way, you can quickly prepare a quote for new client trips – obviously with minor adjustments and price updates if needed.

What Should a Travel Agency Quote Template Contain?

  • Your company name and contact details, and the name of the person responsible for the travel quote
  • The name and contact details of the client
  • A brief description of the trip, for example, “A trip for two to Santiago de Compostella, Spain, in September 2023.”
  • The lifespan of the quote. For example, “this quote is valid until December 31st, 2022.”
  • A clear specification of how many people the trip is for, and whether prices quoted are per person or for the number of people going on the trip.
  • The prospective dates of the trip
  • Any special requirements, for example, vegan meals or disabled access
  • The destination or destinations
  • The mode of travel. This will include the proposed carriers and the class of seating (economy, business, first class, etc.)
  • Cruise details, if a cruise is to be part – or all – of the trip. This would include cabin options, shore trips, etc.
  • Facilities available on flights, for example, meals, drinks, and entertainment
  • Luggage limits and cost for extra items of luggage, if any
  • Available upgrades and their cost
  • The hotels and accommodations that are proposed, with links to enable the client to look at them. Usually, alternatives are given, and if the pricing is different, this should be made clear
  • The meals are included in the quote. This is especially important if the trip is overseas, as what is generally offered in Europe, for example, may differ from what is generally expected in the US.
  • A detailed itinerary giving times and dates. Times need to be given in local time, and this needs to be made clear.
  • If the trip is to a number of places, transportation options between destinations should be given.
  • Optional visits, excursions, and experiences should be offered, including price, duration, and level of fitness required, if relevant. Links to visits and experiences should be included to enable the client to decide if it’s something that they would enjoy
  • Insurance costs, including cancellation insurance due to covid-19.
  • Covid-19 requirements both on leaving the country, entering the destination country, and returning to the home country.
  • Any visa or other documentation requirements.
  • Any health requirements, for example, vaccinations that may be stipulated by the destination country
  • Any health recommendations, for example, malaria precautions
  • Payment terms – when a deposit is required, when final payment must be made, and whether any elements are refundable if there is a cancellation
  • Any applicable taxes should be shown separately
  • Any provisos – for example, if airlines apply emergency fuel surcharges during the life of the quote, these would be added to the cost
  • A grand total

What If I am a Traveler Looking for a Quote?

If you are a traveler seeking a quote for that trip of your dreams, you can use a travel quote template and send it to travel providers to have them price your trip for you. This is a very convenient way for you to easily compare the available deals. Be prepared for your travel expert to make suggestions – they may be able to find more cost-effective solutions for you. For example, it is usually less expensive to fly on some days of the week, and it isn’t always predictable what those days might be.

Travel agents will have feedback from other clients, so they will be able to tell you, for example, “This hotel is very peaceful, but this hotel is much more lively.” This kind of information isn’t always obvious when you are just looking online or in a brochure.

How Long will It Take to Receive My Quote?

This depends on how complicated your request is. Allow a few days (1-2 Days) at minimum for the travel expert to collect all the information that you need.

Can I Get a Quote from More than One Agent?

Certainly, you can. In fact, being able to shop around is one of the big advantages of using a travel quote template. The cheapest quote might not be the best one to choose, of course – we also look for an innovative approach and responsiveness to your particular taste in travel.

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