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Setting the final price tag for the web services you offer can be a tricky endeavor. There are multiple factors you have to consider, including supply chain disruptions and skilled labor availability. You can nail down accurate prices with a well-thought website quote. You can develop the quote from scratch, but the most effective way is using a website quote template.

What Is a Website Quote?

A website quote is a pricing plan that indicates each service’s charges. Website design has multiple facets, including UI/UX design, payment integration, API integration, developing e-commerce websites, and creating home pages. Usually, as a web developer, you send the quotation to a potential client so they can understand the scope of services, rates, and cost you charge.

A website quotation professionally presents the pricing information. Since all web design projects are unique, you cannot take a cookie-cutter approach to develop a website quote. But you can do a few things to ensure your quote represents the best value for money.

What Is a Website Quote Template?

A website quote template is a pre-drafted website quote complete with all the essentials of a professionally written website quote. There are numerous templates depending on the website service you provide.

Templates are a cinch to edit and simplify the process of creating a website quotation. Add custom prices and features to a template before sending it to a potential client. You may want to pair your final draft with a proposal to cover all the bases for a client-landing bid.

Essential Elements of a Web Quote

All website quote templates are unique. However, they all contain essential features that may take different forms in writing and infographic. Here are the crucial aspects of any professional website quote:

  • Cover page
  • Client information (address, name, and contact number)
  • Project name
  • Executive summary
  • Your company information (address, contact number, and P.O. Box)
  • Project deliverables
  • Project timeline
  • Cost
  • Terms and conditions
  • Work portfolio link
  • Validity of the quote
  • Terms and conditions
  • Dated signature

Don’t fret if the essential elements seem overwhelming. Usually, the price and the project deliverables are the cores of a quote. But it doesn’t hurt to woo a potential client using an impressive cover page. After all, clients hire developers who show initiative and stand out from the rest.

How to Write a Web Design Quotation?

We will expressly state that there is no right or wrong way to write a web design quotation. But there are certain no-nos and best practices you can keep in mind while writing. A template does most of the heavy lifting for you, so you are left with personalizing the template to prepare a well-structured quote that will lead clients to make a natural choice – you.

Find Out What the Client Wants

Identify what the client’s intent is. Whether it’s network security, website design, or web engineering, you can tune your proposal to the client’s sweet spots after identifying what the client wants.

Fill in The Basic Information

Fill in the client and your company information. Usually, you write the address and the contact information and attach your company logo or letterhead. Filling in information should take you a few minutes to complete.

Write the Price and Services

Price estimation is a tricky matter. You need to get the best prices that don’t sacrifice profit and avoid budget blowups. Since a quote requires exact prices, you must identify labor costs, material costs, and other project-related fees. Include taxation and other expenses related to the web design and adjust for inflation before coming up with the final price tag.

Break down the price for each service and detail it in the quote. Also, attach the project timeline and ensure you can deliver within the stipulated timeframe.

Write the Terms and Conditions

A quote is a pre-contract, although it is non-binding. Clear the air for the terms and conditions by including non-refund, non-compete, liability, and other policies that govern the quote. A definitive quote shows the professionalism you accord the quote and speaks volumes about your work.

Identify Your Edge

What sets you apart from the rest of the developers? Are you an HTML whizz or a cyber security expert? Outline your unique value proposition and add a link to the proof that you are what you say.

Date the Quote

Affix a dated signature to finalize the quote. A quote is only valid for a specific period since price fluctuates and clients need change. Usually, a two-week validity period is ideal for most website quotes.

Final Thoughts

A website quotation forms part of a bid for a website design project proposal. A quote focuses on the cost and project deliverables. A template helps you develop a well-structured quote to land you the client. Keep in mind best practices and always ensure you have an exceptional value proposition in your quote.

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