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Event organizers have a pretty tough task ahead of them. Whether they are organizing weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, or corporate banquets, the event coordinator must not only please their clients but also come in ahead of the game with regard to profits. One way an event coordinator can control spending and generate a good profit is to use an event quote. This is nothing more than a price quote that centers on events, that’s all. The event quote helps the prospective client select between different event organizers, and it also protects the event organizer from fluctuating prices and other unforeseen changes. If the concept of the event quote escapes you, fear not, for we have completed an article that will lead you through your concerns.

What is an Event Quote?

An event quote is a form used by event organizers to provide their clients with pricing information. This pricing information will include everything that the client is responsible for paying. For instance, if the event requires 100 balloons, staffing, and refreshments, the event quote will include the prices of those items and services provided by the event organizer.

Event quotes are necessary because no two events are the same. This means that all products/services need to be itemized into a quote which is then to be presented to the client. Event quotes are not only for clients but for the event organizer as well. Event quotes provide the organizer with a clear idea of what the event will cost them, so they will not experience profit losses after the event.

What Is an Event Quote Template?

An event quote template is a form that contains all the information the event organizer requires to write a quote for a project. An event organizer would generate an event quote for a prospective client who requested information inquiring how much the event would cost them. The event quote template serves to keep event costs organized as well as adds a touch of professionalism to the company.

Essential Elements of an Event Quote Template

Though each event is different from the others, there are still some essential pieces of information that need to be present in each form. Essential information may include:

  • Contact information for both client and event organizer
  • Quote ID number
  • Date the quote was presented
  • Itemization of costs
  • Any fees/discounts
  • The total cost of the project
  • Any projected extra costs
  • Important milestone dates
  • Contingency: A list of possible causes for any changes in costs or milestone dates
  • Fields for signatures

How to Write an Event Quote

As we’ve already established, an event quote is a business document. The purpose of which is to give the client crucial information about a project they booked the event organizer to do. When writing your event quote, keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to close a sale. After all, there’s a good chance that you aren’t the only company the client requested an event quote from, so remember to make yours shine. As such, the moment you get a request for an event quote, jump on it. The general rule is to compose and send the quote within the first 24 hours of receiving the request. Below, we’ve outlined a few considerations for you to take in when it comes to composing your own event quote:

  • Examine Your Customer’s Requirements
  • Customize the event quote to meet the requirements of the customer. In other words, never use a general form. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ event quotes.
  • Select the proper event quote template for the project. As an event organizer, you may have several event quote templates: Photography, wedding, birthdays, banquets, etc. Choose the one that best suits the project.
  • Add the essential information. In other words, add the essential information listed above and any other information you deem necessary.

How to Write an Email When Sending an Event Quote

Sending an event quote via email is a short and simple operation. First of all, tailor the email to the prospective customer’s needs, and address only those considerations. Be brief, concise, and to the point. Again, remember the prospective client could have sent requests for event quotes to several event coordinators and will be comparing your response to others before they make a choice. Below are some samples for you to consider:

Dear Thomas,

This email is in reference to your request for an event quote received on December 13, 2029. As a result, we examined your request and compiled an event quotation for you to read at your leisure. As you can see, we also included a 5 percent discount on printed invitations. If you have any questions regarding the event quote, please contact us at any time. Also, note that the prices listed in this email are subject to change without notice.


Jeffery Bean

As you can see from the above example, the event organizer was careful to state that prices are subject to change without notice. Always remember that the event organizer has to include boundaries, so they do not incur a loss. Prices are subject to fluctuation, so including that type of disclaimer is essential. Event quotes are not just about closing a deal; they are also about protecting the event organizer.

One final consideration. It’s a good business practice to either call or email the prospective client. It’s a good way to clear up any questions you may have along with making any suggestions. For instance, perhaps the prospective client mentioned an item that you know has a replacement that is just as good and at a lower price. But suggesting this other option, there’s a good chance that you’ll appear to be the better choice due to your honesty in helping them save a few pennies. In the end, you use this opportunity to shine as the best option for the prospective client.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a brief but informative guide concerning event quotes. Always remember that the event quote is an excellent opportunity to look your best when looking to close a deal. As such, make sure that your event quote template is designed in such a way as to present a clear and organized view of the prices and other factors involved. When writing your event quote template, be sure to leave no stone unturned. Not only that, to ensure quality, email or call the prospective client after receiving their request for a quote. This not only makes you stand out as a businessperson who cares but also gives you a chance to clarify the request before either party signs on the dotted line.

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