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The hotel and hospitality business has a lot to offer travelers, but not every hotel has the same amenities and fees. When shopping around, it pays to ask for hotel quotes so you can compare and contrast the available services and rates. Meanwhile, for people who own or operate a hotel, having a basic hotel quote template on hand can help things run smoothly.

Guests like to know what they’re paying for and what they might be missing out on if they don’t ask. By providing this simple form, you can upsell more services and ensure that no one walks away with an excuse to leave a bad review because they didn’t know there was a fee. A good hotel quotation template is scalable for new services and adaptable as your offerings change, such as a seasonal outdoor pool or other varied services.

What is a Hotel Quote?

A hotel quote is a simple formulaic outline that describes all the fees and services a hotel has to offer. Although it’s a simple piece of paper, it adds value to the guest experience and helps create return business. The quote may include room rates, additional services, and anything the hotel charges for or makes available to guests. Managers typically prepare and provide these on request to any guest, and some hotels include one in their physical sign-in paperwork or a digital copy with confirmation emails. Making sure your guests know what they’ll be charged for and what you have available for additional fees is a smart, simple customer-oriented service upgrade that any hotel can make in just a few minutes.

What Is a Hotel Quote Template?

A hotel quote template simplifies the hotel management process, so you don’t have to compose quotes from scratch if asked. The template streamlines the process. Moreover, having a preformatted and filled-out hotel quote from a template helps guarantee that the rates are consistent and no time is wasted. Furthermore, it offers a concise, professional way to give your guests the rate and fee schedule, which can be especially helpful if someone is shopping around.

Hotel quote templates are typically filled in and kept on file either in a paper format, online, or both. Doing this makes transactions more straightforward. Moreover, it looks more professional and organized if you have this form ready to hand to a person or email on request. Informing guests about all the fees and services helps avoid confusion as well.

How is a Hotel Quotation Template Different from a Bill

A hotel quotation template is a list of potential charges and fees. It often includes information the guests may not need, such as add-ons they might want. Although the format is similar to what the eventual invoice will reflect, it contains more information. For example, the bill will only reflect the price for the room or rooms the guest booked and stayed in, but the quote may include items like cancellation fees and rates for additional rooms and suites to show all the available options. In short, the invoice or final bill reflects the services and ooms your guest used, but the quote offers all the benefits and rooms your customer can have to choose from.

Essential Elements of a Hotel Quotation Template

The essential elements of a hotel quotation template are simple. This form is an outline of what your hotel has to offer people who come to stay. Below are all the things you need to include to create your custom quotes. It’s a good idea to put this on hotel letterhead if you have it, in which case you may skip the first section as the page will already include it.

  • First, always put the name and address of your hotel. Doing this ensures there’s no confusion about where someone is staying if there are several hotels in the area.
  • Additional contact information such as your website, emails, and phone number go next for easy access.
  • Add your hotel logo if applicable. Doing this helps the form look more professional and makes your hotel memorable.
  • When emailing or printing on demand, put the client’s name and contact information as a header below the hotel information.
  • List all of the hotel services. Ensuring that your customers know what you have to offer helps them decide what they want when there are additional, optional items.
  • Room charges for each type of room for a general form or the specific assigned room if a guest has already booked
  • Include any discounts, such as weekly rates.
  • List of all applicable taxes and fees
  • Net amount
  • Terms of and conditions for payment
  • (Optional) add a signature at the bottom

Tips for a Better Hotel Quote

A confusing hotel quote can leave customers scratching their heads, unclear, and even angry. The most important thing you can give with a hotel quote is clarity. Here are a few simple tips to provide the best hotel quotation template.

  • Don’t use fancy fonts that are hard to read. A complicated logo is acceptable, but the rest of the sheet should be in a simple, easy-to-read style that anyone can understand.
  • Use price quote software whenever possible. Excel spreadsheets are better for internal documents, and you should use a more polished and obvious format for quotes and invoices.
  • Only include available options.
  • Make sure that your discounts are clear and consistent.
  • Always edit and check for spelling or grammar errors. Your quote is a professional document that needs to look like it was well thought out.
  • Build a customizable template and keep a blank on hand. Over time you will almost certainly make changes to your hotel, and a customizable blank sheet will let you adapt quickly.


For new hotel owners or managers, there are bound to be a few additional questions about how to format your quotation template and hotel running in general. The most frequently asked questions are listed below, along with their simple answers to help you make informed decisions.

How are room rates calculated?

Room rates are calculated based on your total operating costs plus income. The rate per room should reflect how many guests are occupying the space up to the maximum number allowed. Establish the base rate for one adult in the room to cover your operating and income costs. Then add a reasonable fee for each additional guest. This may include children and pets at a different rate if you prefer.

How much does it cost to run a hotel per room?

There is some natural variance between a small local hotel and a huge luxury hotel with high-end rooms. However, the average cost to run a hotel room for a year is roughly $2,196 per available room. This cost is based on the average between the 47,000 hotels in the United States and does not reflect the world averages or expenses in other countries.

How much money can a small hotel make?

There are a couple of ways to calculate this. The gross income is the amount the hotel takes in before paying salaries, mortgages, and operating costs. On average, the revenue is about 8% of the total gross. Small hotel owners make a profit rather than a salary, and the average is around $50,000 annually. Lifetime earnings for a small hotel owner is a little over $2 million.

How much does it cost to build a hotel?

The average cost to build a hotel depends on the size you plan to build. The land is generally charged by the acre and will vary depending on where you buy it, and so will the taxes. Construction costs can run anywhere from $750,000 million to over $25 million to build from the ground up, but the average is around $22 million. According to Hotel Tech Report (, a 115-room hotel costs about $22 million to open, including utilities and stocking the rooms with necessities such as beds and lamps.

How much does it cost to run and maintain a hotel?

Average hotel costs for a year typically cost around a million dollars. A well-placed, frequently occupied hotel can make good money, but not all hotels turn a profit each year. For example, tourist hotels took a significant hit during the height of Covid in 2020, and many were forced to close due to the lack of guests. Location and how many people travel may profoundly impact the hotel industry, especially its profit margins.

Final Thoughts

The cost of running a hotel is steep, and it is essential to charge a fair rate for your hotel services. A hotel quotation template is an excellent tool for hotel managers and owners to have on hand. These easy-to-understand forms should show guests the various rates, fees, and taxes for rooms and services available at the hotel. Unlike an invoice for their stay, these forms only show guests what they can expect to pay for different options such as larger and smaller rooms, more occupants, or add-on services. Good hotel quotes are simple, informative, and easy to modify. Since most hotels change their options over time, a customizable blank format is a helpful thing to have on hand.

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