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Online services delivered over the internet have dominated almost every traditional business in the last few years, and marketing your products and services is front and center in today’s new digital environment. If you are not marketing via your company’s website, email programs, or advertising on all of the major social media networks, your company is going to lose business. Your clients are scrambling to keep up and looking for help to place their products and services in front of as many eyeballs on the internet as possible. They need to connect with potential customers online, where many of them spend most of their time. It must be targeted, and it must be aimed at the market segment interested in its products and services.

What Is a Marketing Quote?

A marketing quote is a document that describes the proposed scope and cost of marketing a company’s products and services. A marketing quote can encompass traditional mass media; however, as already mentioned, the focus is increasingly on digital marketing quotes for online activities. Submissions can be sent by individual digital marketers or by agencies specializing in digital marketing.

A marketing quote contains proposed objectives, deliverables, timelines, and costs for the marketing challenge. A digital marketing quote contains all these items; however, it is focused on delivering marketing services online to clients accessing various social and electronic email systems.

In today’s environment, clients expect ready answers to their questions with results delivered online to their desktops, laptops, or smartphones. Using a digital Marketing Quote Template speeds up the process, ensures consistency and accuracy, and saves time for the vendor and the client.

What Is a Marketing Quote Template?

Depending on the services offered by your firm, there may be a requirement for several digital marketing quote templates. For example, customers interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimized), social media, or digital contract proposals may benefit from specialized templates aimed at those services that accurately describe the services your firm offers.

The templates should be easy to use and readily available to allow your sales team to complete them for a specific customer and send it off within your company’s agreed timelines after internal reviews are completed.

In general terms, the digital marketing quote template or templates should contain all of the standard marketing information your customer needs to make a decision about your company, with space provided to customize the proposal to meet their specific needs.

There also needs to be a digital numeric tracking system to help the vendor track who has been sent quotes and what the status of each one is. A simple tracking system could include the initials of the name of the company, the date the quote is sent, the indexed serial number of the quote, and the number of revisions, if any. The tracking number might resemble the following – ABC-20220721-00109-00.

The Benefits of a Using a Digital Marketing Services Quote

Many small and medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and overhead and stay in front of the competition. One method is using digital marketing services quote templates to impress customers and manage costs. In addition, standard terms are used in every quote and cover your company’s terms and conditions. Benefits include:

  • Reduce preparation time and save money
  • Professional marketing quote
  • Manage client expectations
  • Manage unmet responsibilities

Reduce preparation time and save money – every quote takes time for your marketing sales team to prepare, cross-check and obtain approval before sending the quote to the client. Preparing a quote from scratch with all the legal terms, payment terms, and other logistic requirements take a lot of time. Adding the standard items to the template saves time and expenses and ensures the accuracy of the content.

  • Professional Marketing quote – your company’s logo, brand name, and standard format create a professional-looking document that provides the client with an impression of the kind of marketing material they can expect before they even read the first line in the proposal. First impressions can often make a huge difference in the success of your sales team.
  • Manage client expectations – for both parties in terms of what will be delivered by when and at what cost, including sales taxes. The final marketing contract will be based on your initial quote and any subsequently negotiated items that are added to the contract. Once the contract is signed, additional items can be handled by a change management process to ensure that there are no misunderstandings between the client and the vendor.
  • Manage unmet responsibilities – by including all of the details concerning pricing, deliverables, and payment schedules. Scope creep, late payments, and delivery schedules should be clearly defined in the digital marketing quote to avoid any confusion by both parties.

Essential Elements of Marketing Quote Template

Every marketing quote needs basic elements, and your digital marketing quote template should contain these items. Elements that are constant in every quote should be included in the template to ensure consistency and save time. Elements that are customized for every marketing quote should have placemarks for these elements for each sales team to complete for the customer. Your company’s template should have the following items:

  • Introduction
  • Services Offered
  • Executive Summary
  • Project Milestones
  • Payment Terms and Details
  • Closing Section

Introduction – the introduction will have portions that appear in every quote and portions that are customized to the client and the quote you are sending. It is the first impression your client will have of your company and offer. The introduction must be professional and highlight how your company can help to achieve your client’s business objectives. An example of how this section may look in your template:

Dear [client]

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your marketing needs with our firm. We are excited to send you our company’s quotation based on our discussion.

Our [X years] of experience in digital marketing places our team in the best position to assist your company in achieving [stated business goals]. We cannot wait to get started and help you exceed your goals.

The details of the project proposal are enclosed, describing the services offered and our fee structure. We are excited to get started on this project once we receive your approval. The following provides the details of our proposal.


[name and signature of sales engineer]

Services Offered

This section is customized to the client but may include standard services your company offers to all of your clients. Emphasize the services provided and how they can help your client. They should be clear and concise. Your services may include the following areas with the details added for each client:

  • Email marketing – [provide details]
  • PPC advertising – [provide details]
  • SEO Services – [provide details]
  • Social Media Services – [provide details]
  • Website Design – [provide details]
  • Video Content – [provide details]
  • Other Services – [provide details]

Executive Summary

The executive summary reviews the project proposal at a summary level based on conversations you have had with the client. You may reference past work you have completed for the client or other clients in the same industry space.

Project Milestones

This section is customized for your client and provides details about what the client should expect, including start and finish dates based on the approval of the project. Note that if further discussions or negotiations are required, these milestones and dates could change as well as the total cost of the project. Provide the appropriate details to describe the deliverables to avoid scope creep on the project.

Payment Terms and Details

Payment terms and details may be standard for your company in terms of payment timelines after the invoice has been sent, penalties associated with late payment, and payment methods, e.g., PayPal, direct deposit, debit, etc.

This section can also include statements about any guarantees, warranties, currencies, and change orders to cover additional efforts not included in the original quotation. There may be assumptions that should be included, for example, approvals to use marketing data and other proprietary information used in the marketing program.

Keep everything clear and concise to avoid confusion and misunderstandings later on.

An example of typical payment terms includes:

  • Full payment of this quote is due before work can begin unless otherwise arranged.
  • Payment via online funds transfer, check, and all major cards are accepted.
  • All work created for the basis of this job will belong to the client.
  • Our minimum term of services is [X] months, at which point there is the option to continue.

Closing Section

Inform the client of the steps to take to trigger work to start – signatures and email approvals. Be clear about what the expectations are for the client and emphasize that you are available to discuss any concerns and questions they may have.

Your company may have standard wording to use in this section; however an example follows:

Please acknowledge your company is ready to take the next step by signing in the space below. Your signature will trigger a formal contract between our companies to formalize this digital marketing project.

[name of client]

[signature space]

[date space]

Please contact me at [email or phone number] for additional details or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our readers have expressed the following frequently asked questions.

How do I prepare a digital marketing quotation?

Create a quote from scratch. Create a template for use on future quotes and use the template for this quote

What should be included in a digital marketing quote?

A digital marketing quote includes:
Describe your services
Executive summary
Project milestones and deliverables
Legal requirements and payment terms
Closing statement covering next steps

Key Points

Creating marketing quote templates in a digital format saves time for your sales engineers, ensures consistency across multiple quotations, and protects your company. Your sales team can focus on the details of the project for the customer and not lose time formatting the document and including standard information needed in every quote. The standard details ensure that every client is treated the same unless specifically negotiated. Including standard payment and legal terms protects your company and ensures that payment details are covered, and marketing data is legally available for your use in developing the marketing program.

The marketing quote is your understanding of what you will deliver to the client in terms of specifications, timing, and cost. Once the client signs off on the document, a contract can be prepared, and work can begin.

Changes or additions required later on can be handled by a change order process outlined in your quotation. A well-written quote and agreement avoid future misunderstandings and difficulties.

A digital marketing quotation template can also be used for internal marketing activities since it encourages clear communication and agreement between the parties in different departments of your company regarding what needs to be accomplished.

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